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Walking in Samoens – A Wildlife Extravaganza!

Wildlife & Walking in the French Alps

Our beautiful surroundings here in Samoëns offer incredible opportunities to see spectacular, elusive and even rare wildlife and a guided walking holiday with our expert mountain man Bruno gives you the best chance of seeing these treats of nature.

Have you seen…?

Have you seen a marmotte? A chamois? An ibex? The majestic golden eagle? The rare and impressive bearded vulture (lamagier)? Well we have… In fact yesterday on a single hike our guided walking guests saw every one of these beautiful creatures in a true wildlife extravaganza!

A friendly clashing of horns as the young look around

The big, the small and the beautiful!

All of these photos were taken on a single day on the mountain (HUGE thanks to our guests and Bruno, our talented and enthusiastic guide, for these wonderful images!).

The lamagier or bearded vulture is a rare species and with a wingspan of 2.8m (that’s 9 feet and 2 inches in old money) it should be easier to spot than it is. Knowing where to go, listening for the clues (the marmots often signal its presence) and knowing when to look up is something that a guide can help with!

The lamagier (bearded vulture) swoops by

The marmots should look a little nervous with the bearded vulture in the sky!

A marmot looks on with curiosity

The chamois are a timid and shy breed of mountain goat who tend to spot you coming before you are aware that they are about. Bruno seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to spotting them and this little guy was a wonderful addition to the day’s wildlife-fest!

An elusive and shy chamois watches over us

It’s not just about the big animals

You can easily pass by the little wonders of the mountains without noticing the activity and beauty that exists all around…

Time to rest those wings

Love is in the air for these bugs although for some, clearly no meal should be interrupted…
Love is in the air...  Although a good meal seemingly needs more of an interruption

Click on the thumbnails below to see more from our day in the mountains

You can see more photos by visiting us on our Flickr page.

Looking to see this wildlife for yourself? Why not enter our competition for a chance to win a summer holiday here in Samoëns. Click here to enter our free holiday giveaway…

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