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Walking Holidays – Photo of the Week

Walking Holidays – Photo of the week

We’ve some more stunning shots from our walking holidays this week. Below are a couple of our favourites.

Les Laouchets Lakes

A short distance beyond the Refuge de Sales (their fresh ‘myrtille’ or blueberry juice is worth the walk in itself!), you will find Les Laouchets. These natural lakes have some wonderful unique wildlife including a number of dragonfly species that use it as a hatchery.

After starting life in the water, each nymph climbs up on to a reed before the slow process of hatching the dragonfly can take place. After some straining, the nymph shell is shed and the beautiful dragonfly emerges.

The photo below shows a dragonfly shortly after its escape from the nymph. The white stringy part is the umbilical cord between the two.

A dragonfly emerging from its nymph

Whilst this is an incredible picture showing an amazing feat of nature, we felt that it was worth including another photo this week…

Les Laouchets Lakes… Photo of the week too…

The setting of the natural lakes is definitely worth its own photo!

Les Laouchets - the lakes above Refuge de Sales

Want to join us for an alpine holiday?

Our self-catered properties are fully booked for the entire summer although we have a few places left on certain weeks for the 2-peak walking holidays, family adventure holidays or hybrid trekking holidays (we arrange for you to split your stay between our luxury chalet and secluded mountain huts).

If you are interested in one of these holidays, take a look at our summer holidays prices and availability.

Until next time…

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