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Ski Samoens with a few handy phone apps

Ski Samoens with the help of some handy apps

Winter is definitely on its way! The Samoëns valley is full of the spectacular colours of autumn and we’ve seen snow on the surrounding mountains a few times already (in fact, as I write this, there’s still snow cover to about 1,600m).

Holidays are about escaping, relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family. Turning on the ‘out of office’ and letting work phone calls go through to your answer machine needn’t mean that you can’t make use of your phone on your ski holiday though.

We’ve got a few suggestions for smart phone apps that will add a bit of fun to an already exciting Samoens ski holiday…

Take great panoramic photos with Pano

Take great panoramic photos with Pano.

Some phone apps for the slopes

Grand Massif – explore the region with this interactive map

Available for – iPhone/iPad (FREE)

The Grand Massif app is an essential download for people visiting the area. After a bit of practice, navigating the 3D map becomes an easy way to plan your day, identify the pistes on your hit list and pick out a restaurant. If you’re not sure of your location, find yourself on the mountain map is a bonus!

Explore the interactive 3D map Take a look at the webcams

You can also see webcams, weather and snow updates directly in the app – great features for a free app with no annoying adverts popping up either.

SnowCru – get social on the mountains

Available for – iPhone/iPad (FREE) & Android (FREE)

This app is a must have for those wanting to embrace the social side of skiing or boarding. Yes, this app provides snow and weather information for resorts globally and yes, it has the ability to track your activity on for the day (why not try and set a record for your favourite run). However, the best features of this app are being able to find your friends and fellow SnoCru members on the mountains around you using the interactive map, and being able share your mountain experiences and those of other SnoCru users.

Find the essentials with SnoCru Find your friends or very own SnoCru

Check in to resorts, share your restaurant and apres ski venues and post updates directly to Facebook and Twitter. It’s a slick interface and a set of rich features on this free app.

SnowEdge – analyse your snow skills

Available for – iPhone/iPad (FREE)

If you like to keep an eye on how your skiing or boarding is progressing, you have probably already considered one of the apps on the market that track your activity for the day. SnowEdge, whilst not the prettiest application we’ve ever seen, is a comprehensive and advanced tracking application that offers some interesting data on your skiing.

In addition to speed and distance (standard offerings for such software), this clever little app measures what it calls your “Turn Acceleration Index” or the G-forces you manage to achieve through the turns. It also keeps a log of air time (when the phone is essentially weightless) giving you information on your best jumps throughout the day. You’ll still need your friends to judge you on style!

Know your essential metrics such as... air time See a detailed log of your day's activity

It’s hungry on battery usage but something that gives you some great information on your snow skills. Better still, it’s another fantastic freebie!

Pano – capture amazing panoramic photos

Available for – iPhone/iPad (£1.49) & Android (£1.87)

Our last recommendation is a photography app that will help you capture some of the fantastic memories and panoramas that you camera cannot otherwise do justice. Sure, many cameras offer this facility but what if you’re out on an epic powder day with just your phone and don’t want to miss that incredible photo opportunity?

A simple interface for incredible results Photos are stitched together automatically

There are a number of apps that offer the ability to stitch together multiple images into a panoramic wonder and a number of them are free. This smart app however makes the process amazingly simple with a very intuitive interface and fantastic results. If you need something quick and reliable that will do all the work for you (no configuring or dragging and dropping), it’s a little bit of money very well spent!


We hope you enjoy these suggested apps and we look forward to sharing your G-force stats, SnoCru updates and breathtaking panoramic photos this winter!

Why not take a look at our photos on Flickr – send us your favourite panoramas if you want them to feature!

If you have any other great apps or suggestions, let us know in the comments below!

Until next time…

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