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Riding the powder in Morillon

A Great Powder Day in Morillon!

We have been enjoying some time on the slopes with the wonderful conditions here in the Grand Massif. As you’ve hopefully seen from the various snow reports and forecasts (e.g. our weather and snow pages), we’ve been blessed with huge quantities of the white stuff lately!

With over 320cm on the upper slopes, we took the opportunity to make the most of some of the fresh powder in Morillon (see the photos below). It was big smiles all around as we worked our way through the trees occasionally popping back on to the pistes (also in great condition!)

Glenn, our chef, has found a new love in snowboarding. With a pretty impressive (if somewhat unique) technique for stopping, each time I turned around to see him arriving on his bum with the board in the air, his grin couldn’t have been bigger! He’s already a powder fiend, whether he’s riding it, rolling in it or eating it – all of which he spent plenty of time doing!

A New Snowboard Trick?

Ever find a nice spot and just wished there was a ramp or kicker? Valley friends of ours John and Amy may have the ideal solution with a portable human ramp… Nicknamed ‘decking Amy’, this created quite a bit of interest and surprise from onlookers. Here are a couple of videos:

‘Decking Amy’ – John and Amy improvise a ramp!

A ‘Double Decker’ – and yes that is really Glenn’s laugh!

Our Blog Gallery!

To bring you some wonderful photos here on the blog, I’ve extended our integration with Flickr to the blog posts!

Click on the images below to take a closer look at any of the pictures (cursor keys move you between pictures).

You can also find all of these images and more on our Flickr page.

Until next time…

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