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Guided walking holidays – the benefits of a guide

Guided Walking Holidays

As of the summer of 2011, Absolute Alpine has started offering dedicated walking holidays together with OutBreak Adventure. We offer a selection of walking holidays graded differently to offer a variety of challenges. Our guests also have the opportunity to choose between a fully guided walking holiday and a self-guided holiday.

So why pay that little bit extra for a guided walking holiday?

Wildlife spotting with the help of a guide

Guides are not just for mountain newbies

It is a common misconception that a guide is only a benefit on those epic journeys that demand local knowledge for your survival (think Mont Blanc’s summit) and that a simple trail, needing nothing more than the ability to follow sign-posts or read basic instructions, should be ventured alone.

We couldn’t disagree more!

A qualified guide will definitely provide more confidence and support if you are new to the mountain environment or indeed pushing yourself into an unknown challenge. However, even experienced mountain junkies will have a safer day out with a local guide having a better understanding of this ever changing landscape including, for example, the safest river crossing points.

It's important to choose a safe crossing place

Our guide’s primary role is to keep every safe and smiling throughout the day but that’s only one reason to opt for a guided walking holiday…

Spotting the little things…

You don’t need to be a regular walker to understand how wondrous nature can be although if you are a regular mountain lover, you will also appreciate how easy it is to stroll straight past fascinating and beautiful flora and fauna on your mission to reach a summit.

Would you know the best place and time of year to have a chance of finding the rare ‘Lady’s Slipper Orchid’?

How about the best spots to catch a glimpse of the elusive ibex, shy chamois or impressive bearded vulture?

Have you ever tasted wood sorrel, wild thyme or ‘patate lardons’ (the perfect wild leaf to accompany fried bacon!)?

Could you tell when the rock formations came about and where to find fossils of long extinct underwater creatures?

One of our beautiful flowers

Even the most avid mountain wanderer would stand no chance in gathering such local expertise in the short period of a holiday – despite years of experience, the guides are always learning and sharing with their peers in the guiding community.

Every day truly is a learning day in the mountains!

A fun day out with like-minded people

Our walking guests are a diverse bunch from various walks of life and age groups. They all have a couple of things in common though: a passion for the great outdoors (and it is great!); and enthusiasm for conversation and making friends during a day on the mountain.

Self-guided is a fantastic option if you are after total freedom although, with our graded walking holidays (take a look here at our grades), there are plenty of options to ensure that you get to walk with a group that is matched to your pace and interests.

Our guide makes sure that everybody gets the most from their trip and our small groups (typically up to eight guests) ensure that you have plenty of opportunities to get to know you fellow walkers.

Many long-term friendships have been formed on our walking holidays!

Friendships formed over a love of walking and mountains

So… What are you waiting for?

Take a look at our walking holidays in Samoëns or some of the other exciting destinations for walking holidays offered by our partner, OutBreak Adventure.

Until next time…

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