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Archive for the ‘Photo of the week’ Category

Walking in Samoens – A Wildlife Extravaganza!

Wildlife & Walking in the French Alps

Our beautiful surroundings here in Samoëns offer incredible opportunities to see spectacular, elusive and even rare wildlife and a guided walking holiday with our expert mountain man Bruno gives you the best chance of seeing these treats of nature.

Have you seen…?

Have you seen a marmotte? A chamois? An ibex? The majestic golden eagle? The rare and impressive bearded vulture (lamagier)? Well we have… In fact yesterday on a single hike our guided walking guests saw every one of these beautiful creatures in a true wildlife extravaganza!

A friendly clashing of horns as the young look around

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Walking Holidays in the French Alps – Photo(s) of the Week

Walking holidays in the French Alps – Photo of the week

This week saw our walking guests take to the hills for a couple of multi-day treks. With access to more remote areas and even more wildlife, it’s been another difficult week for choosing a single photo of the week.

If you would like the chance to capture such beautiful images, why not take a look at our French Alps walking holidays. Our calendar for 2013 will be announced shortly!

The Queen of the Alps

Just when you thought that you’d seen all the photos of the Cascade de Rouget or “Queen of the Alps”, Bruno pulls this one out of the bag…

The Beautiful Cascade de Rouget

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Walking Holidays – Our Photos of the Week

French Alps Walking Holidays – Photo of the Week

It’s been a fantastic week since our last blog post as we headed up on a three-day mountain trek above Samoëns. Staying in mountain huts (don’t worry – they’ve got toilets and hearty mountain food ready for our arrival!) gives us the chance to get to some even more remote and beautiful spots.

An old outbuilding at the Alfred Wills Refuge

This is one of the old buildings from the original refuge. We were greeted with wonderful smiles and some hearty and delicious mountain food. I personally enjoyed a mouthwatering fondue!

An old hut at the Alfred Wills Refuge

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Walking Holidays – Photo of the Week

Walking Holidays – Photo of the Week

It’s been a while since our last blog update and a lot has been happening here in Samoëns. Our various walking holidays and family adventure holidays have been a great hit (why not take a look at our latest reviews on Trip Advisor) and we have too many photos again to limit to just one photo of the week…

An impressive close up

This wonderfully detailed photo of a fly was taken by one of our guests who was introduced to the world of close-up photography by our guide Bruno that morning. Julia clearly has a great eye for macro photography!

A stunning close up of a fly...

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Walking Holidays – Photo(s) of the week

Photo of the Week from Our Walking Holidays

This week, once again, we’ve found it very difficult to select a single photo of the week. As a result, we’ve gone for two super shots: a close up; and a landscape shot!

Beautiful Butterflies!

These little beauties were spotted by our guide Bruno.

Natural beauty

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Walking Holidays – Photo of the Week

Walking Holidays – Photo of the week

We’ve some more stunning shots from our walking holidays this week. Below are a couple of our favourites.

Les Laouchets Lakes

A short distance beyond the Refuge de Sales (their fresh ‘myrtille’ or blueberry juice is worth the walk in itself!), you will find Les Laouchets. These natural lakes have some wonderful unique wildlife including a number of dragonfly species that use it as a hatchery.

After starting life in the water, each nymph climbs up on to a reed before the slow process of hatching the dragonfly can take place. After some straining, the nymph shell is shed and the beautiful dragonfly emerges.

The photo below shows a dragonfly shortly after its escape from the nymph. The white stringy part is the umbilical cord between the two.

A dragonfly emerging from its nymph
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Photo of the week – one from our walking holidays

Photo of the Week

This week’s photo was actually snapped on a phone. Sorry – forgive the quality! This lake, the stunning Lac de Vogealle, was waiting to greet us after a 1,100 metre climb from the valley of the Bout du Monde.

Lac de Vogealle

A gem of the Alps, this Lake is just one of the beautiful spots that you’ll find on our walking holidays.

Lac de Vogealle

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Photo of the week

Walking holiday photo of the week

A lot has been happening since our last photo of the week post. There’s been plenty of walking, climbing, rafting, biking and relaxing taking place here in Samoëns… And that’s just our guests!

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Walking holidays – photo of the week?

Photo of the week

Summer is fantastic in the Alps and our walking holidays are a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery. To show off this beautiful backdrop and highlight some of the fun and adventurous activities on offer, we’re introducing a regular blog with the ‘Photo of the Week’

An impressive drop…

An impressive drop...

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