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Family ski holiday packing guide

How to get your kids slope-ready and not have a nervous breakdown

It’s hard enough packing for your standard beach holiday, but when it comes to taking your family skiing, whether you’re first-timers or seasoned skiers, you may feel like you are facing a logistical nightmare. Firstly there is remembering everything you need before you leave home and fitting it all in your luggage, then once you’re at your destination every morning you need to ensure your kids are wrapped up with all the essentials they need for a day facing the elements.

The good news is you can rest assured your stresses will be left in the powder when you see how your kids enjoy the fresh air and fun that comes with being in the mountains. Plus, we’re here to help with two handy checklists; one for before you leave home, which includes all the essentials you should pack, and one for before you leave the chalet each morning to make sure your little and big snow angels arrive on the slopes with everything they need for a fantastic day.

Child skiing

Ski clothing (everyone)

• Waterproof ski or board jacket/ ski suit – should be specifically designed for skiing with a snow skirt for keeping you dry
• Salopettes/ boarding pants – should be a comfortable fit and not restrict movement
• Waterproof ski/ board gloves – get the highest level of waterproofing and warmest you can afford if going in the coldest months (Jan-Feb)
• Glove liners – these are slim liners for under your gloves for keeping hands extra toasty
• Goggles and sunglasses – goggles are better during poor visibility and for boarders, while sunglasses are comfortable for skiers on sunny days and during lunch stops. Make sure kids ski glasses have a wraparound so they don’t get lost
• Scarf or neck warmer – tube style neck warmers are perfect on the slopes as they don’t unravel and will keep you nice and snug
• Base layers – these are to wear under your ski clothes. Bring a long sleeved thermal top and leggings/ long johns or tights
• Mid layers – as temping as woolly jumpers are, remember skiing and boarding is very active so a breathable fleece top will be more comfortable
• Ski/ boarding socks – it’s worth investing in proper ski or boarding socks which will be made of breathable fibres and have padding in all the right areas

Extras for Mum and dad

• Waterproof rucksack – for carrying snacks, a water bottle (a Camelbak is best for easy on-slope access), extra layers/ removed layers, sunscreen and cash


You can hire all of these items in resort and we recommend you do so if you are new to the sport:
• Skis / snowboard
• Poles for skiers
• Ski boots/ boarding boots
• Helmet (if you don’t have your own). This is a must; don’t even think about skiing or riding without one!

Resort Wear

• Walking boots / snow shoes
• Swim wear for the sauna, hot tub or pool
• Casual clothes for the evening – out chalets are nice and warm so layers are best
• Slippers – many chalets provide them but your favourite pair will feel amazing after ski boots!

Specific toiletries for the mountain

• High factor sunscreen – at such high altitude and reflecting off the snow, the sun can be unforgiving on the mountain
• Lip protection with high SPF – lips will get sore quickly if not protected from the wind and cold, dry air

Extras for babies/ young kids

• Bedtime reading and kids DVDs
• A few toys (don’t forget that favourite bedtime cuddly or comforter)
• Baby monitor (both parts)
• Bottles/ beakers/ plastic crockery and cutlery
• Snacks for the journey and to put in your rucksack for the slopes
• Thermometer
• Liquid paracetamol


• Flight tickets/boarding passes
• Passports
• Car hire documents
• Driving licence
• Health insurance (make sure you have winter snow sports cover)
• Map or chalet address for Sat Nav
• Changing mat
• Nappies/nappy cream/wipes/bags


• Camera, batteries and charger
• Phones and chargers
• iPad for downtime, kids cartoons and games

Daily checklist

All our chalets have a daily checklist (usually on the back of the door) as a useful, last minute reminder of all the essentials you need to have with you for the slopes. Or download your own daily skiing checklist now.

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