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5 reasons to make the Samoens to Chamonix Circular Tour your next big trek

If you’re looking for a new challenge for 2015 the Samoens to Chamonix Circular Tour could be your answer. We’re really excited to be offering this six day walking tour on select weeks this summer. Here are five reasons why we think you’ll love it:

1. You’ll get to spend five unforgettable nights in mountain huts

If you’ve never had the opportunity to sleep at 2000m then this is something you will never forget. After finishing the day’s hike with a cold beer whilst watching the sun set over the mountains, followed by a hearty meal and some awesome star gazing, you’ll be amazed at how sound you’ll sleep in these no-frills, rustic huts. You’ll wake up bright and early to a crisp morning and experience the beautiful moment when the sun rises over the mountain tops.

Each hut has its own fascinating history and most are only accessible by foot (or helicopter for food supplies 2 or 3 times a season). This tour includes Refuge de Sales in the stunning nature reserve of Sixt-Passy; Moëde-Anterne mountain hut in the Fiz mountains opposite Mont Blanc, which was built in 1898 as a base camp to chamois hunters and hikers; and the quaint Refuge de Platé were you’ll find a couple of donkeys and a handful of hens as well as the ever knowledgeable refuge guardians who will tell you all about the local area.

Refuge de Plate

2. It’s perfect for your next walking challenge

A step up from our chalet based walking holidays, this route asks a little more from our walkers. On a typical day you can expect to be walking for between five and seven hours, spending at least two hours ascending (gaining up to 900 vertical metres). There is very little exposure to heights (no steep ridges or precipices) and although there may be a little scrambling on lose ground, the walks tend to be on well-defined paths.

We’ve graded the tour as a 2 peak challenge, which means we’’ll be keeping to a fairly leisurely pace with the focus being on enjoying the mountains rather than reaching the next summit. They’ll be plenty of time to take photos and appreciate the flora, fauna and natural beauty of the breathtaking scenery. You’ll certainly come away feeling a great sense of reward from this exciting trek.

MARMOT mountain goat

3. You’ll walk right into the heart of France’s mountaineering heritage

Men and women have been pushing the limits of impossible in this incredible mountain range since the first conquest of Mont-Blanc by Jacques Balmat and Michel Gabriel Paccard in 1786.

On this tour you’ll take the atmospheric walking path into the village of Servoz which is known by climbers all over the world as the gateway to Chamonix, the mountaineering capital of the world. Sitting at the foot of Mont Blanc, Chamonix attracts adventurous spirits from all over the globe and hosts many exhibitions and festivals throughout the year to celebrate extreme mountain sports and its greatest legends.

4. The chance to experience the incredible panoramic views of the Aiguille de Midi

On this tour we’ve made sure there is time for you to check out the famous Aiguille de Midi, which has been a world attraction for more than 50 years and is a well-known access route for climbing Mont Blanc. From the centre of Chamonix, a 20 minute ride in the Aiguille du Midi cable car will take you to the height of 3,842 m. Here the terraces offer a 360 degree panoramic view of the French, Swiss and Italian Alps and a clear view of the magnificent Mont Blanc.

Additionally, extend your trip by taking the Panoramic Mont-Blanc gondola from the top of the Aiguille du Midi, to Helbronner in Italy. This amazing 5 kilometre gondola journey passes over the Geant glacier, giving you spectacular views over ice-falls, crevasses and the Mont Blanc massif.

waterfall alps

5. Six full days in mountain paradise with no distractions

When was the last time you switched off your phone for any period of time? Find peace in the calm days you’ll experience away from pollution, traffic and crowds, as you replace your ringtone with the energising sound of gushing mountain rivers and waterfalls. Life is a much slower pace in the mountains where it is not uncommon to encounter people that still do the ‘transhumance’ – walking up in early summer with all their livestock in order to spend a couple of months in small huts at high pasture – where cheese production still takes place.

You’ll also find that six continuous days spent trekking allows us to reach wilder and more untouched terrain and provides a true sense of travelling from place to place. The chances of seeing wildlife are also increased when going deeper into the mountains. This trek is a great excuse for truly switching off from the hassles and distractions of everyday life!

Our first dates for this tour are the 8th – 15th August 2015 with more weeks to be added during the season. For more information and prices please email Sam on [email protected]

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